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In-line Pumps
Taco In-Line Pumps are designed and built to efficiently circulate heated or chilled water. In applications ranging from residential to large commercial systems, they’re used for heating, hydronic, air conditioning and solar systems, and in a variety of specialized applications such as:

Booster Service
Parallel Pumping
Cooling Towers
Laundry and Cleaning Equipment
Golf Courses and Livestock Watering

Like all Taco pumps and circulators, our In-Line Pumps deliver performance you can depend on throughout their long service life.

00® Series
Cartridge Circulators
Rugged, versatile, quick and easy to install

00familybigWith their self-lubricating design and no mechanical seal, Taco 00™ Cartridge Circulators provide unmatched reliability that makes them maintenance free. Every Taco 00 circulator features a field-replaceable cartridge that contains all the moving parts. Replacing the cartridge rebuilds the circulator, so field service is fast and simple. They deliver excellent service at fluid temperatures from 40° F (4° C) to 240° F (115° C) and up to 125 PSI maximum working pressure. Their wide variety of configurations, flange orientation, mounting and other options, materials and capabilities provide you with great performance in a broad range of applications Taco 00 IFC Cartridge Circulators feature an Integral Flow Check (IFC) that eliminates the additional installation costs that go along with separate in-line flow checks, improves system performance and further reduces maintenance.

Pro-Fit® Parts
Designed for the professional installer
Guaranteed-to-fit replacement parts

profitpartsThese high quality Pro-Fit parts are designed for the professional installer and guaranteed to fit. They cut inventory, so you have fewer parts to carry around and they increase profits as a result. In addition, they feature easy cross-reference to Bell & Gossett* and Armstrong.**

*A trademark of ITT Corporation.
**A trademark of S.A. Armstrong Limited. Both companies are not affiliated with Taco.